Avant Disses Greasyguide.com 3 Times, So We Giveaway His Album

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So we have been inspired by Michael Arrington in this blog post. Michael Arrington head of TechCrunch.com has been letting the PR world know that it’s not nice to spam bloggers. Well we have something to add to his postings. It’s also not fair to music industry PR people to have wack artist that don’t show up on time for scheduled interviews with press. The very nice people at Cornerstone Promotions, who are the only people that really know how to work with bloggers have been trying to market and promote Avant. So they set up an interview with me to chat about his new album. So of course because Cornerstone has ALWAYS been professional and nice to Greasyguide.com, we agreed to do the interview. But for some reason Avant has either been missing or unfindable when it comes time to do the interview. Avant has also canceled on a few other bloggers that I know.

So Avant…first off…YOU SUCK! It is un-fair for you to treat your PR team this way. I work in PR and I would not stand for this type of mess from a client. So Avant you need to tell your PR team you are sorry for being a dick! Secondly…we are giving away your album. Yes we have 3 copies of your album and if any of our readers want a copy then just follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/streetforce1 and let me know you want the album. First come…first serve. We haven’t listened to the album nore do we want to.

And finally we will NOT reschedule an interview with Avant again. Avant is done to us musically and will never appear on the pages of Greasyguide.com again. Time is money and don’t waste our time. Don’t waste your talented PR teams time.

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