A Very Greasy X-Mas: Mike’s Favorite Things #10

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Oprah let us down this year by not showing over the top and over priced items to feed our shopping needs. BUT NOT ME! I love Luxury and I love to shop! So here are my top 5 favorite things for Christmas 2008. So from now and until Christmas I’ll be posting my 10 most favoritest items in all the lands of blogdom.

10. Lets get started with this FLY ASS BAG! It’s a Starter Jacket that has been made into a super awesome bag. OMG how much did you love Started Jackets back in the 90’s? You can get this for me or someone you love (my size is XXL btw). IT’s only going to set you back $300. Loves it! Go http://www.nomas-nyc.com/ to get this

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