Keyshia Cole’s “A Different Me” is the BEST R&B album of the year

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I personally would like to declare Keyshia Cole’s “A Different Me” as the BEST R&B album of 2008. I have been listening to it NON-STOP since I downloaded it from itunes for $9.99. Now if you know me it’s 100% rare that I actually buy an album. But after falling totally in love with Ms. Cole’s “Just Like Me.” I had to continue the support her music. And plus I love her reality show on BET. I didn’t like Keyshia Cole at first when she hit the scene. But her image change has really won me over.

“A Different Me” is one of those album you can listen to from front to back. Each song is different but each song is extremely good and any of them could be singles on their own. So if you need a stocking stuffer for the holidays then Keyshia Cole’s ” A Different Me” is a winner.

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