Make Your Own Karaoke CD

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Over the holiday me and my family spent hours and hours playing the Karaoke game “lips” on the Xbox 360. They have a ton of cool songs but I wish they had more. I then started doing some research and ran across a site that will allow you to create your own Karaoke cd’s fur usage on a standard karaoke player. The karaoke software lets you take any mp3 file that is in stereo and then make that song into an karaoke machine playback version. This is a great piece of software to have because there are a ton of songs that have not been ported over to karaoke machines. You could take the whole Beyonce library and convert it over to Karaoke format. Then invite your friends over for a Beyonce sing along. Karaoke is a really fun way to bring the whole family for fun and good times.


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