Top R&B Diva’s of 2008: Beyonce is On Top

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It’s time for our yearly top 5 diva’s of 2008. A Diva is a definition of hustla as Beyonce says in her song “Diva.” Check out our full list of super Diva’s below. Think we missed one then hit the comments and let us know.

A fierce looking Beyonce arrives at the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC

1. Beyonce

Hands down Beyonce is the top Diva in the game. You can not touch her music, style, and hard work. Beyonce is the mistress of all and her money shows. Beyonce made some $80+ mil in 2008 and there really is no stopping her at this point. Beyonce took it to a new level with making “Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)” the hottest song of 2008. Even more so she made every wonder where on earth do you find a metallic robot hand.

Z100's Jingle Ball 2008 - Show

2. Rihanna

2008 was a fantastic year for Rihanna. She had more hits then anyone else this year and her edgy look made her the go to fashion icon for major brands. Rihanna’s love affair with Chris Brown is all over the blogs and they don’t even try to hide their love for one another. Rihanna is Beyonce’s only major competition and if things keep going well for Riri she just might have a chance to knock Beyonce off the top. Rihanna’s only problem is that she’s yet to prove her self as a triple threat. Where Beyonce can sings, act, and dance…Rihanna has only shown herself to be a singer and fashion model. Rihanna will have to step her game up in order to really compete with Beyonce.

Oscar De La Hoya v Manny Pacquiao

3. Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole has come a LONG WAY! With the reinvention of her look and sound Keyshia has become the most loved diva in the hearts of R&B fans. Her reality TV show is #1 and her latest album “A Different Me” topped the R&B charts and came in at #2 on the Billboard hot 100 selling some 322,000 copies it’s first week. Keyshia Cole is the diva that all the people can relate to. She’s down to earth and real and everyone loves and respects her for that. Most realty TV shows don’t show you the downside to success but Keyshia Cole and her family lets it all out and it works!

UPI POY 2008 - Entertainment

4. Ciara

Even though Ciara’s 2008 album release was moved to 2009 that didn’t stop her from doing what she does best. Her BET Awards performance with Chris Brown was the most talked about performance of the year. While Ciara and her team search for a new single to help kick off “Fantasy Ride,’ Ciara has been making the rounds as a fashion model and signed a major deal to help her book more fashion gigs.

5. Jasmine Sullivan

Jasmine is the new diva on the scene and everyone brought her debut cd. Her lead single “I Need You” topped that charts and made her a household name. Now she’s making moves and ready to go into 2009 with a bright outlook. We know we will see a lot more from this new diva as she has yet to really tap into her full talent. Hey BET..give Jasmine a realty TV show.


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