Apple Inc. Says Farewell to MacWorld, Announces iLife 09, iWork 09, and 17-inch MacBook Pro

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Due to illness Steve Jobs backed out of the final MacWorld keynote. But as of now Apple Inc. will no longer make any presentations at the annual MacWorld event. The Macworld Conference & Expo is a trade show dedicated to the Apple Macintosh platform with conference tracks held annually in the United States, usually during the second week of January. It was first started back in 1985 in San Fran.

In the place of Steve Jobs was Phil Schiller, the Senior VP of Apple Inc., was on hand to deliver the last and final keynote that Apple Inc. will ever do at MacWorld. Phil announced 3 new products from Apple Inc. today. First out of the gate was the iLife ’09. The famous software suite that come with just about every Mac. You get iPhone, iMovie, and GarageBand. All the cool stuff anyone would like to play around with. iPhoto now comes with Geotagging so it will let out organize your photos by location take and also by facial recognition. The new iPhoto also has Flickr, iPhone and Facebook support so you can upload your photos right to your favorite social network or sync right to your phone.

iMovie ’09 packs new features as well with HD video support. Lots of new and cool features for the at home videographer and YouTube superstar.

And of course GarabeBand ’09 which now has built in tutorials called “Learn to play.” These lessons feature artist like Sting and Sarah McLachlan, Ryan from OneRepublic, and Norah Jones who will help you learn how to play an instrument.

Second was… a look the new iWork. Zzzzzzzz. It’s just Apple’s version of Microsoft Office. Complete with a word editor, slide show presentation, and spreedsheets. BORING! But if you really want it you can order it now as it starts shipping today. was also announce as a competitor to Google Doc’s. You can share documents online with other people and update them when the document has been updated. But Google Doc’s is free and will be a fee based service. Epic FAIL Apple Inc.

The final offering was the 17-inch MacBook Pro. What a bigger MacBook then you got it!

And on the final note the full iTunes library is going DRM free.

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