Can Kanye West Save Broadway?

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Rumors are going around that Kanye West is working on a Hip-Hop musical headed for Broadway. While he has not given any official word on producing such a show, now might be the best time for Kanye West to take over the Great White Way. The economy has hit Broadway hard and by the end of Jan. over 15 Broadway shows will have closed. But with the success of In The Height’s now might be the best time for Kanye West to stage such a Hip-Hop show. Kanye West can bring elements of his live stage concert and mix that with a descent story line to create something new and original.

Broadway is in a SERIOUS need of a re-boot. 90% of the show are revivals and there is a serious lack of diversity on Broadway. If anyone could pull this off it would be Kanye West. We think he had the brain power, the creativity, and the box office draw that would be needed to stage a successful Broadway show. He would bring in people who enjoy his music, introduce Broadway to a new generation, and really give Broadway the serious make-over that it needs.

So we hope that the rumors turn out to be true!

  • Lily Kane
    January 9, 2009

    you HOPE this is true??!?!
    sounds like the apocalypse to me
    please god no

  • Mark
    January 14, 2009

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  • tommy o'malley
    March 25, 2009

    where did you hear these rumors? do you know any more information? this would be awesome. a huge problem is that investors think that audiences want to see only the white experience reflected on stage. i really hope that what you're saying is true.

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