The School of Fashion

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In these times it’s a good thing to start looking at industries that are recession proof. While just about every industry is effected with the recession a few thrive and grow during these times. And while the fashion industry is not recession proof as we will see come Fashion week, things will get better.

Now is the time to really think about where you want to go with your career. If you’ve been watching Project Runway and wishing that was you running around New York trying to get your show down then you should seriously think about going back to school. Fashion Design will always have it’s place in our society. If you’ve watch the Devil Wears Prada then you will understand just how much Fashion plays a big role in our society.

In these down economic times many women (and men) are going to turn to shopping for clothes to help keep their spirits up. So why not take a chance and follow your dream. Get your butt out there and do it!


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