The All Day Inauguration Party, Bright Young Things, 9:30am-4am

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You wanna party all day long in DC? Then the BYT party has you covered.
Check out their video invite.

Where: Bohemian Caverns/LIV nightclub
2001 11th St NW

When: Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, 9:30AM-4AM

Yes, we’re talking an all day event here. While the rest of the free world freezes their asses off you can come early to hang out all warm and toasty for inaugural viewing, food, fun, games, happiness, general merriment, and much rejoicing. Then stick around till 5pm when your emcee Tig Notaro from The Sarah Silverman Program kicks off a non-stop live performances extravaganza with:

WALE! (ZOMG for realz!)

TEAM FACELIFT! (ridiculous NYC party band)

TEAM ROBESPIERRE! (um, lots of synths and awesome)

MATHEMATICIANS! (Devo meets Beastie Boys)

FATBACK DJs! (cuddle)

ART OF JUNK! (go go sensation)

TRUE WOMANHOOD! (Thurston Moore likes them)

THE LOVE LANGUAGE! (swoonable southerners)

LAUGHING MAN! (electroclash Isley Bros)

MIXTAPE DJs! (Hot/Gay)

WILL MARFORI! (Lee High School Class President)

FFFEVER! (their girlfriend works for BYT)

BUILDINGS! (local DC weirdos)

Bohemian Caverns / LIV nightclub (we have the whole building sucka) – 11th and U st NW

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

9:30am until 4:00am

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