5 TiVo Tips for the Super Bowl

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TiVo Inc., the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today released a list of ideas designed to make football fans nationwide happy, no matter which team claims the final touchdown. The list draws on some of the unique and defining features of the TiVo service, perfect for making your bowl bash the best on the block.

1) The Grub: It wouldn’t be a party without pizza. In fact, 44% more pizza is delivered by Domino’s on game day than on an average Sunday, a trend that inevitably leads to busy phone lines and longer wait times to get your order in. Luckily, you can use your TiVo DVR to order directly from Domino’s Pizza, all with just a few clicks of the remote. Katie Connor of Domino’s says that right before kick-off and during halftime are the busiest times for the stores, so target your order time opposite the rush for quickest delivery.

2) The Half-Time Tube: Speaking of halftime, this year’s extravaganza will feature Bruce Springsteen, the first time ‘the Boss’ has ever taken this main stage. But this year’s halftime alternatives are equally as tempting, including the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, a slew of concerts on VH1 and a game show called “Wipeout,” over on NBC. Thanks to TiVo’s dual tuners, you can change the channel and still keep recording the Big Game and all of the commercials.

3)The Tunes: Music is a huge part of the game, but not just at half-time. Before the game use Rhapsody on TiVo to cue up Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” getting your party pumped up and ready to root. And after the clock runs out, you can return to Rhapsody and pull up Queen’s “We are the Champions,” a perfect way to end the game in style.

4)Online Inspiration: For this year’s game, one thing is certain: at some point either Cardinals fans or Steelers fanatics will need a miracle. The good news is inspiration is just a click away. Check out YouTube on TiVo to pull up fan tributes to your favorite team certain to move mojo over to the side of your choosing.

5) The HD Experience: With HDTVs in more homes than ever, 2009 is the year of crystal clear plays. That makes recording the game in glorious HD even more important. TiVo HD XL, Series3, and TiVo HD boxes have you covered, preserving the game in true 1080p quality. For a game this important, accept no substitute.

Bonus Tip: Use TiVo’s trick-play feature to instant replay your favorite commercials or big plays over and over again. You might even end up being part of TiVo’s annual second-by-second audience measurement data about how TiVo subscribers watched the big game. Results of the Top Commercials will be revealed on Monday, February 2, 2009.

“The big game is one of the most watched and exciting events on television throughout the year,” said Tony Lee, TiVo vice president of marketing. “It is also a time when TiVo proves once again how no other DVR solution can match our experience. Whether you’re creating your own instant replays, ordering a pizza, or showing off your favorite YouTube video on your HDTV – this year’s game can be more exciting than ever with TiVo.”


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