Is Beyonce a Swagger Jacker or a Victim of a Bad Stylist?

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Hate her or love her Beyonce is here to stay but a curious YouTube video shows lots of proof of Beyonce’s swagger jacking. But is it her fault or is she just the victim of a bad stylist? Check out this video and you be the judge.

I think the biggest point of this video is that almost everything has been done and no one is doing anything original these days. Looks go in and out of style and then back again. So it’s hard to really change it up.

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  • ms k
    January 28, 2009

    That was stupid people wear the same thing everyday it's called keeping up with what's in style. Everything people wear now comes from something they saw someone else wear. people wear the same shirts everyday the same shoes and hair styles I work at a clothing store and do you know how many times i a day have people coming in looking for something they saw someone else wearing in the club or on tv. everybody has went out at least once in their life and bought something because somebody wore it some where and the wanted one or they saw a hair cut or hair style they wanted. so come on give me something else to try to hate on bey about because she's doing nothing more then what everybody else on the world does(see something they like and wear it)why do you think so many people have a lot of the same things floating around in they closets or why we see repeat hairstyles it's because its very hard to find something the no one else wants

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