Global Grind Makes Major Announcement: Russell Simmions Editor-in-Chief

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Our advertising partner has made a new announcement. The Global Grind will make a serious focus on being the news hub of the Hip-Hop community even claiming to be the “Huffington Post of Hip-Hop.” Tocarra, LL Cool Jay, and a few other peeps are now Global Grinder and they pushed their partner bloggers even further down on the site in lue of new b-list celebrity bloggers taking above the fold placement on the site.

Russell Simmions will now be the Editor-in-Chief of the site. Hummm…we are not 100% sure on that one either.

So is this a game changer for the site?

They still need to beat out…which still has the edge.

But this also means that needs to keep their eye out on GlobalGrind. But the key to the Huffington Post success wasn’t their content it was their extremely active and loyal community that keeps the Huffington Post going and the GlobalGrind has yet to really tap into their community. And posting up more celebs going to make their loyal submitters want to participate more or less?

Only time will tell.


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