RuPaul’s Drag Race Brings Drag Queens Back to Life

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So we just finished watch the funniest new reality TV show in RuPauls Drag Race. Everyone’s favorite super model is back and this time she is searching for the new break out drag star. She has a full cast of characters with her and she looks amazing. RuPaul is carrying the show with her charm and quick one liners. There is already a clear winner in one Nina Flowers who is truly edgy and ultra original. As long as Nina Flowers doesn’t “fuck it up” she will win the show.

And if you want more fun the show has it’s very own Facebook app called ” Rupaul’s Drag Race Drag Name Generator” in which you can enter your name and it will spit out your very own drag name. Miley Iris is now my drag name. Let us know your new drag name in the comments and tell us what you thought of the show.

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