Kwame Kilpatrick Free From Jail After 99 Days

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Kwame Kilpatrick has been released from jail after 99 days behind bars. Kwame Kilpatrick walked free from the Wayne County Jail a little bit after 12:30 am. The news media was waiting for him to walk about but has he exited he said nothing to the press.

Kwame Malik Kilpatrick (born June 8, 1970) is the former mayor of Detroit, Michigan. When elected at the age of 31, he was the youngest mayor in the history of Detroit. Kilpatrick’s tenure as mayor, from 2002 until 2008, was plagued with controversies which included allegations (not all against Kilpatrick himself) of marital infidelity, conspiracy, perjury, and murder. Kilpatrick is the only mayor in the history of Detroit to be charged with a felony while in office.[2] On September 4, 2008, Kilpatrick announced his resignation as mayor, which became effective on September 18,[3] as part of a plea bargain where he also pled guilty to two felonies for obstruction of justice.

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