Who’s Winning the Online Urban Race? Ask WorldStarHipHop.com

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So it’s 2009 and the online Hip-Hop space got really crowded. With the cheap cost of web hosting, blogging software, or blogs that went belly up (you can buy OhWord.com for $4k) getting into the online Hip-Hop space is pretty cheap. But it doesn’t take a lot of money to cause noise in the space. A snapshot of Google Trends now puts video site WorldStarhiphop.com as the new king of the Hip-Hop space. Their site is very pretty basic but the video content is what brings back a seriously loyal base of users. As you can see WorldStarHipHop.com came out of no where and skyrocketed past the competition. BET.com still hangs in there with a descent amount of the market share. Allhiphop.com come in at a very close #3 just slightly falling to BET.com.

What happened to SOHH? Their traffic is in the toilet. Looks like they need to rethink their editorial and content strategy. As you can see they took a serious drop in traffic and now are almost at the bottom. GlobaGrind.com is still trying to find it’s way but has yet to even touch the traffic the other sites are seeing.

So what needs to happen now? Site like BET.com and AllHipHop.com need to think about a serious video strategy, a mobile strategy, and figure out ways to make their sites sticky and their visitors loyal. Text content is still cool but online audiences want video. And if you can’t afford to host it then use use the YouTube API and wrap your videos in your own custom player…cause rhats what WorldStarHipHop.com is doing?

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