Why the NY Post is Not that Stupid: Institutionalized Racism At It’s Best

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The NY Post wants to play dumb and still holds on to the fact the “Shoot the Monkey” cartoon was not racist. But they only have to think back to a few instances in history that should have told their editorial staff and LEGAL teams that the cartoon was offensive.

The Jungle Book monkey…was a jive talking Black man.

Millions of people where pissed at Vogue magazine for this cover.

Millions of us hated this Obama ’08 T-Shirt

So don’t let the NY Post get away with this outright institutionalized racism.

So please:

Do not buy the NY Post ever again.
Do not visit their website ever again.
Do not hyper link to their website ever again.
Write to advertisers and request that they do not advertise in the NY Post.
Write to people of interested and request that they do not grant interviews to NY Post journalist.

  • Bill Freeborn
    February 23, 2009

    I went right out and got a subscription to the NY Post, even though I live in Des Moines. Anything the far-left moonbat racialists are against, I'm for!! When the proof comes to light that this usurper wasn't even born in the USA and isn't eligible to be president, the fecal matter shall surely strike the rotating air disperser. True Americans are buying guns and ammunition for the coming civil war, while the peacecreeps whine about racism…

  • greasyguide
    February 23, 2009

    Well you must live in some OTHER America one that I don't want any parts of. But your generation is quickly becoming the minority in this country. We need problem solvers and thinkers and engineers of all sorts…not guns.

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