Everyone Wants to be the Huffington Post of Hip-Hop

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Last month Russell Simmions appointed himself Editor-in-Chief of GlobalGrind.com and stated that he would turn the site into “the Huffington post of Hip-Hop.” Well looks like another player has entered the same and ready to stake claim to the mantel of the HuffPost of Hip-Hop.

Enter RapRader.com put together by former XXL Editor Elliott Wilson.

“There are a lot of sites out there that do news, and a lot do gossip,” Wilson told FOLIO:. “But not a lot of them can put it into the proper context, where it’s journalism versus pure gossip. I want to raise the bar journalistically. The public is hungry for both.”

Really? I don’t think I’m to hungry for that…in fact I slightly tired of these new sites popping up which are just rehashes of other sites. Stop using the BET Networks model of taking MTV shows and making them Black or Hip-Hop.

While I’m all for the competition…when is someone going to do anything that’s original? The site will of course have celebrity writers and have them voice their opinions…but did they ever bother to look and see what made the Huffington Post popular in the first place?

Here why the Huffington Post worked:

1. COMMUNITY and Comments – Have you see how many comments a post on the Huffington Post gets? 600-1000 sometimes more. The Huffington Post has a HUGE and loyal community of followers that visit the site daily and like to express their opinions in the comments section. I’ve even seen post with over 6000 comments. This is the key to their success. They have a community that is so active with the site that I’ve haven’t seen to many other sites with such a strong and loyal following.

2. Arianna Huffington – Ummm…Arianna Huffington is EVERYWHERE. Her name is an extremly popular political household name and she has been invited to every show to speak on everything. I love Arianna Huffington and had the chance to speak to hear about 2 years ago. She is awesome! When she was talking about launching the site in 2005 many people laughed at her. But now the HuffPo is the most powerful blog style newspaper site on earth.

3. Obama/2008 Election – The Huffington Post WENT HARD for Obama and support him throughout the election. Obama in turn gave them much love and even let them ask a question during his first press conference giving the site 100% validation. Thus confirming it’s major importance to the internet space. Obama knew that the HuffPost and that community was important. The political voice that the HuffPo has developed is major!

These 3 points where the key to the HuffPo’s success. Unless RapRadar.com can really userp the community from Allhiphop.com, NahRight.com, XXL then it’s not going to see any rapid growth. If they are serious about being in this space hire a Community manager who can bring in readers and traffic and that can encourage a loyal community to sprout and grow.

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