BET’s “Harlem Height’s” – A Black Version of “The Hills”

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Tonight BET debut it’s new docu-drama “Harlem Height’s.” The show follows successful, young, and super cute African-American’s living and playing hard in Harlem. With Barack Obama as the cytalist for change these Harlemiets are ready to take on the world, but love and drama always seem to get in the way. There is the ringleader (Brooke Crittendon), the actress (Ashlie), the model type (Pierre), the silver-tongued politician (Landon), the trust fund kid (Christian), the headstrong fashion diva (Briana), the swaggerfic rapper-in-training (William), and the big mouth (Bridget).

Now for the REAL…was it me or where the girls just a bit to bitchy and giggly. OMG! It there was more un-necessary eye cutting and giggliness that just seem to take the show down a bit. I love that fact that we are seeing young successful African-American’s doing their thing. But I thought it was going to be a show based more in reality…instead the show seems to be a scripted show or basically the Black version of “The Hills.”

The show seems like it’s going to focus more on Brooke Crittendon, former girlfriend of Kanye West, and her on again off again friendship with Ashlie. While that’s cool and all I’m slightly more interested in Jason and his efforts to create a non-profit and Landon’s efforts to do right by the community. But hey it’s BET so your not going to get everything that you want out of the show. I like that fact that it’s set in my neighborhood and I get to see some of the places that I frequent like the Hudson River Cafe, N Harlem, and Amy Ruth’s. We will see how the show pans out but I’d like to see more of the positive aspects of the group instead of the drama and catfights.

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