Real Housewives of NYC TONIGHT — More Drama in the Hamptons

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The Real Housewives franchise is drawing record numbers, and why not? It’s full of high society drama and scandal! As Alex and Simon continue to spend time at their Hamptons rental, the two relax with massages and facials where Simon insists that just because he enjoys getting treatments doesn’t mean he is gay. Meanwhile, Bethenny invites LuAnn to take surfing lessons with her as Jill and Ramona watch on in amusement! But that’s not all — after the lesson, Luann leaves Bethenny stuck with the bill! Kelly invites Ramona to watch her horseback ride at the Hampton Classic but snubs her when Ramona tries to talk to her, leaving Ramona looking awkward and desperate. Can these NYC housewives ever learn to let go of the drama?

Feeling the Heat

Fruit Salad to a Surfing Lesson

Horsing Around

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