BET’s Harlem Heights: If You Seek Ashlie Grey

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BET is banking on a new set of 20-somethings for reality TV success in its new show Harlem Heights. I watched the show because I live in and LOVE Harlem. We watched the first few shows and loved seeing all the different spots that we frequent.

We here at the got a few moments to speak with reality TV star Ashlie Grey. Ashlie is an aspiring actress and spends her days going on auditions and perfecting her craft. At night she can be found behind the bar at Club Body on Riverside Drive. Check out some of the conversations me and Ashlie had below. She was really nice on the phone and we wish her much success with the show and her acting career. Funny thing is she lives only a few blocks from my crib so maybe I’ll run into her one day.

GreasyGuide: One of the things everyone wants to know is if Harlem Heights is a semi-scripted show like “The Hills” or is it real?

Ashlie Grey: The show is very real and not scripted. Those are real reactions, real drama, real feelings, it’s all real to us.

GreasyGuide: So what are your feelings about the show and how have people reacted to you now?

Ashlie Grey: I think the show turned out really well. Everyone has been supportive and I’m getting a lot of people coming up to me saying I’m a role model. I’m so happy to be a leader in the space and inspiring others.

GreasyGuide: So the fashions on the show are pretty sick…where in Harlem do you like to shop?

Ashlie Grey: Well I love Beyonce and Halle Berry so I try to infuse both of their styles into one look. There was a place in Harlem called the Denim Library. I loved shopping there because I don’t like everyone to have the same thing I’m wearing. They have really nice jeans and I wouldn’t see everyone rocking the styles from there. But they closed down.

GreasyGuide: What is your favorite place in Harlem other then Club Body?

Ashlie Grey: Well I love Amy Ruth’s. They just have really good soul food there and I really enjoying going there.

GreasyGuide: I heard they might be closing down because of the economy.

Ashlie Grey: I hope that’s not true because I’d be really sad if they did. But some of my other favorite spots are 67 Orange and the Hudson River Cafe.

GreasyGuide: So how does it make you feel to live in such a historic place like Harlem?

Ashlie Grey: I’m really proud to live in Harlem. It’s such a great place to live and it’s do diverse. And I really love everything about the new and improved Harlem. All the new stores, restaurants, and places in Harlem are really making it THE place to live.

GreasyGuide: So what do you see for yourself after this season is over? Is there going to be a season 2?

Ashlie Grey: I really hope there is a season 2. But I’m not sure at this time. But I’m really glad to be apart of this show and it’s opened a lot of doors for me in my acting career. I just hope that people tune in and watch us and see what happens.

You can catch BET’s Harlem Heights on Mondays at 10:30pm. And check back here soon for our interview with the super sexy and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West, Brooke Crittendon

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