Rumor: The Source Magazine Set to Fold?

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Now that King magazine has announced it’s last issue and closing of it’s doors or Hip-Hop magazine are sure to follow. The magazine industry has fully gone bust in times where blogs can deliver information faster and fill readers needs for news NOW! Rumors have it that The Source magazine is in serious trouble. Layoffs and a brand that as suffered over the years now leave the Source next in line to fold.

If the Source folds…then that would leave Vibe, XXL, and Complex as the surviving magazines that focus on Hip-Hop and urban culture. Vibe has already made changes to how they do business in order to survive. No word as of yet on how XXL and Complex are favoring during these times.

Now it time for these magazine to either move themselves into full online publications, fold, or re-think their business models. The need to be smart, nimble, and think of new ways they can deliver content to thee Hip-Hop community and not spend a fortune to do it.

  • Erica Valcourt
    April 2, 2009

    Wow. These magazines definitely need to re-invent themselves and catch up with the 'digital times.' Websites/Blogs are at the top of their game right now..creating opportunities w/ little/no resources. So it's possible..

  • Jamie Sue
    July 20, 2009

    The Source as well as many other Hip hop and urban publication have one foot in a grave and the other foot on a banana peel. But I'm really impressed how The Source has managed to remain strong, while other publications have closed.

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