NYC’s Topshop Lives Up to the Hype

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So everyone has been talking about the hot new store in SoHo called Topshop. Super Model Kate Moss has her collection featured in the mega store. And Ladies let me tell you…this place is a fashionistas dream come true
Let me walk you through some of the items in the store. And if you want more fashion pics from the Topshop waiting line then check out Tru-Fashionista is someone who has their own interpretation and sense of style. Check it out!!!

This is the outside of Top Shop. It kind of reminded me of the outside of Old Navy.

The wait in line was about 20 minutes. But friendly Topshop Staffers greeted you with free water. And yes this whole look from head to toe is available at Topshop.

The accessories in the store are SICK! Ladies they have EVERYTHING…this is where H&M will have to step up its game cause the accessories in the store are sick.

And the shoes are to die for. Check out this pair…I mean DAMN..these are HOT to def.

And check out this pair of hot boots….HOTNESS!!!!!!! You could kill someone with those heels.

The Kate Moss collection was cute…nothing to write home about…but cute.

Check out the full Topshop Gallery in a following post.

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