Cocktail Wins “For the Love of Ray J”…We Are Not Surprised

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Humm…is it that she looks a lot like a Kardashian that Cocktail has won the terrible For the Love of Ray J Vh1 reality TV show. Or was is that she was the least hoocie mama of the show? Who knows….please no more of these For the Love of type shows.

  • Jocuri
    April 20, 2009

    Very nice

  • You Watched Something Else
    April 22, 2009

    Umm lol, what show were you watching? It was clear from Day 1 that Unique was the least hoochie mama of the girls…even Ray J implied as much in his comparisons. He labeled Unique the smart/classy girl and Cocktail the fun girl…

  • Wise Girl
    April 22, 2009

    I most certainly was not a fan of this hot mess of a show. I made my decision that this was just a hot mess after the one girl did the split on the floor the 1st night it aired and started booty shaking. I may have tuned in 3 x's just because of channel surfing. I agree with the other comment Unique was the classiest one on the show. I hate she finally gave him some at the end. He certainly didn't deserve her goodies. Oh well she still left in a class act way. Unique your momma let him know not to play with you. So he did you a favor. We all know a month from now Ms. Cocktail will not be his Boo :O)

  • No of your Business
    May 26, 2009

    Oops another 1 bites the dust.What is this world coming to all the black men is chosing a different race rather than a black woman.Aint that something. God said do mix fruits but what are you all doing?It's sad to Me I can't stand to see the shit myself.Then again they made the right decision why should a black woman make herself look bad ,letting a black man take her down.Us black women been going through since we were slaves the white man rape and beat us..I hope the bitch break your Rayjay send back to your momma with all your ass hanging for chosing that shit over a black woman .I guess Unique couldn't suck your dick good as Cocktail. Halla.

  • honestruth
    July 2, 2009

    unique is mixed. its not like she's straight black… and their might be sociological explanations for why so many black men, especially celebrities, choose women of a difference race/ethnicity, but why can't you “stand” to see it? i understand and agree there is something lost when cultures blend or acculturate but can we really be mad that some people choose to date or love someone of a different race/ethnicity? it's difficult being in a biracial relationship and if people choose to do so, more power to them!! find someone who appreciates you!!

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