Bad Boy’s Cassie Show Everyone She’s Has No Talent or Class

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Yesterday Chuck from popped into my inbox the shocking nude pictures of one failed R&B star named Cassie. I was LIKE why is she spread eagle and online for all of us to see? If you don’t remember Cassie he had a mild hit a few summers ago called ” Me and You.” It was an ok song and an ok beat but nothing to give her a Grammy nomination over.

But now she’s back in the news but in the worst way. In an effort to spark interest for an upcoming album that no one will buy or in just to get her name back out there Cassie’s nude photos have been blasted all over the internet. But why you all look in shock at awe at her nude photos we have to ask ourselves…why do we care and is the music industry that desperate that we will turn a sister into next internet porn only to forget about her again in a few months when her album sales are in the toilet.

Why couldn’t Cassie land a hosting job on BET? They give those jobs out like free government cheese. And when we will stop pimping our young sisters and when will they stop pimping themselves?

  • channel sunglasses
    May 11, 2009

    Well I love the video.. the girl is so hot and beautiful I want to be like her a singer and a dancer that's my dream since I was a child.. Anyway I noticed the sunglasses they're cool I love the color.

  • de
    May 13, 2009

    I feel bad for her!He even had her shave her head like this gorgeous girl he started following on twitter.So sad for her to be done befor she has started!

  • de
    May 13, 2009

    Lord!N thats probably the last time Ill listen to that!Susan Boyle ur fugly but rescue me!

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