Adam Lambert ROBBED! Will Be Biggest Star Ever!

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I’m totally pissed that Adam Lambert did not win America Idol. I felt Kris lacked that “IT” factor. Adam was the best thing that happened to American Idol. He changed the show, made all of the contestants step up their game, and brought TRUE talent and artistry to the stage. No other contestant ever in the history of American Idol has done what Adam Lambert did on that stage.

But we can all look to what happened to Jennifer Hudson as a sign. Adam didn’t need to win just like Chris Daughtry , and Clay Akien. All of these contesstants lost American Idol but went on to sell more records then the actual winner of their season. So we wih Adam Lambert much success! We will buy Adam’s album and 100% support any project that he is on.

Sorry Kris fans but he totally didn’t deserve to win at all.

  • Mary
    May 21, 2009

    I totally agree. I watched the entire season and was in shoke like it was some kind of joke or bad dream when they announced the winner. Yes, Chris was cute and could sing, but Adam was over the top, moved his notes around more than any of the others, soared to his highest and lowest notes and pushed himself on every song. He stood out, he was the true american idol. Something with the voting structure is faulty. I'm very disappointed the american people, but I felt the same way the morning I found out Bush was voted into office. American people can be a bit shallow. You know, the big grammy's for the music awards and motion picture/movies/actors are voted buy a selected group of people that are very knowledgable of the industry. Whenever the votes are passed on to a group of people i.e. the american public, who overall don't understand the genius and difficulty of what Adam was actually doing to the music that the other contestents weren't able to achieve, well………they should have a group of musical artists and composers be the voters, not the american people. And when you take the american people and break down who was actually voting, well, it all makes sense. I think most people understand this and know what happens in the future is what really counts. It's just sickening that we can't have ONE good show on television that can identify true talent, not just a pretty face……….uhhhhhhhhhhh

  • cecile
    May 21, 2009

    what happened at the finale was the cruelest joke ever…its definitely tough to be Kris right now because a LOT of people may congratulate or cheer him on but a HUGE number of people know that the real Idol of this season is Adam…I really hope he will be successful like Daughtry & J. Hudson. more power to adam!

  • Brandi Tatum
    May 26, 2009

    Well I have to immit that I voted for Kris Allen, in the weeks before the finale, I thought the most talented ones were Adam Lambert, Allison Iratheta and Kris Allen and thats how it should of ended up with Adam winning than Allison 2nd and Kris 3rd. I was shocked when Allison went off but I was really shocked when Adam came in 2nd. I hope the fans support him like they have Chris Daughtry I never watched American Idol until I heard Chris Daughtry on my son's CD and he told me he was an American Idol contestant and when I heard he didn't win I was shocked so I thought I needed to start watching it so something like that didn't happen again.
    So last year I of course voted for both Davids, but wanted David Cook to win and he did, but was shocked when Michael Johns went off early. All I can say is Vote for your favorite throughout the show don't ever assume they'll get through and try and save your second favorite, we almost lost Adam early because of that this year. Adam I wish you the best and I'll be playing you on my station

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