The Sheila Files: Al B. Sure Returns with “Honey I’m Home”

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Al B. Sure will always be on of our favorite artist from the early 90’s. “Get Off On Your Own Girl” will always rock a party. But Al B. has been gone for a LONG TIME from the scene and has been playing a background role in making music. But now he has signed to Hidden Beach and is ready to release a new album called “Honey I’m Home.”

“‘Honey I’m Home’ is ‘In Effect Mode’ 2009 on steroids,” says Sure!, who has spent the last several years writing and producing on projects by David Bowie, Richie Sambora, Faith Evans and Usher, among others. “I didn’t want to do a trendy record or sound like everyone else. This is the grown-up version of me and all that I’ve experienced in the interim.”

Here’s the complete track listing for “Honey I’m Home”:

1. “Nite and Day (Interlude)”
2. “I Love It! (Papi Aye, Aye, Aye)”
3. “I’m Glad”
4. “Top of Your Lungs!”
5. “All I Wanna Do”
6. “Lady in My Life”
7. “Dedicate My All”
8. “Bye the Way, By the Way”
9. “Only You!”
10. “Whatcha Got?”
11. “Fragile”
12. “4 Life!”
13. “Never Stop Loving You”

Pre-orders of “Honey I’m Home” are available at Additional information about Sure! and the album can be found on the singer’s web site,

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    The Sheila Files: Al B. Sure Returns with “Honey I’m Home

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