Datwon Thomas Named New EIC Of Globalgrind.com

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Datwon Thomas could just be the Dr. ordered for GlobalGrind.com. The site has suffered from one to many re-designs, an over all lack of direction and editorial voice. Traffic for the site has fallen off as of late and the “grinding” feature that made the site popular has just about been hidden into the backgroud. But now with Dawton’s experience and success for publications like King Magazine and XXL magazine will he be able to make the site the premiere urban destination online or will the Globalgrind.com suffer the fate of many sites and go out of business?

The Globalgrind.com needs to go back to basics. They need a real voice and vision and they need to finally and on a real level pull all the urban blogs together and give those bloggers a real platform to express themselves. One of the things I thought would have worked from the beginning is if they created a blogging/broadcasting platform like a WordPress that all of the urban bloggers could use and configure for their sites. Then unify them all under one ad network and spread the wealth making sure that each blogger gets their proper shine. Globalgrind.com was ahead on technology when they first entered the game but now with so many layoffs from the company and the horrible user experience that currently exists on the site we still wonder how they are still around. Oh wait…Russell Simmions is paying those server bills.

But anyway we will step down from our soap box and wish Datwon much success. He is totally cool peeps and if anyone can turn the editorial around at that company he can.

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