Diddy Reaches 1 Million Followers on Twitter. Users Launch #UnFollowDiddy Campaign

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Just as Diddy was enjoying his 1 Million Followers status a new movement has started to take away some of those 1 million followers. Todays #3 trending topic on Twitter is #UnFollowDiddy. Users are asking for you to unfollow @IAMDIDDY on Twitter and bring his number back down to under 1 Million.

Here some examples of why Twitter users want you to #unfollowDiddy:

boujisvixen #unfollowdiddy cause trys to use the word BiTcHaSSnEss! to sell his fucked up T-SHIRTS!

Dcharmgcr #unfollowdiddy because every member of Day 26 sounds the same…

MizZBEhavE193#unfollowdiddy for making the band parts 1, 2, 3, and 4


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