Chuck Creekmur on HIV/AIDS in the Black Community (Internet Week 2009 Panel)

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On Wednesday June 3rd, 2009 ICED Media and hosted a discussion called “The New Silent Killer: AIDS in Black America.” Now you might be wondering what does HIV/AIDS have to do with Internet Week 2009 but the increase on HIV/AIDS amongst this community is still on the rise. And it is with the power that we have to educate through social media and bring about change that we can all help reduce the transmission rates across all communities be they White, Black, Puerto Rican, or Asian. Many sites like, Mashable, and others make a strong commitment to community service and bringing about awareness to social issues. Panelist Chuck Creekmur Co-Founder and CEO of the popular site gave us the inside scoop on the panel and what was discussed.

Click here to Read the full interview.

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