Oprah Got Me on Twitter But WTF?

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It can be said that one million peeps have been excited and flocked to Twitter just to follow Oprah. The 14th of May Oprah jumped on Twitter and amassed one million followers at light speed. Imagine what she could really do. First, she got people to raid that KFC store, creating a buzz that lead to the so-called The Great Grilled-Chicken Coupon Panic of 2009. We are all aware of how she had mobilized support during the ’09 elections. Now, we see her dominating the social networking giant Twitter. I, mean what more could she do? Would she able to stir a commotion among Twitter users and actually leave the giant just for her? We hope not. So what is the real deal with Twitter? A lot of peeps still don’t get it and I didn’t either. But should I really be following Oprah, Diddy, and Ash?

Though Oprah had been Tweeting for some time now, most internet analyst had been able to cast a rather gloomy forecast on the absorption rate for Twitter. Recent data shows how the social networking giant had been ineffective on encouraging more people to tweet. Though the number of tweeters is phenomenal, more and more analysts believe that a plateau would follow. Would Oprah cause more stern to Twitter than most stars can? We see Ashton Kutcher already hitting 2 mil. followers. So, that means one thing: Oprah is the queen of the Twitter-verse but Ashton is the mega King.

Oprah getting to this site only reinforces one major marketing strategy that had been making billion of dollars to multi-national companies: get personalities and stars to promote your product (or service in this case). There could be nothing more sensible in the advertising world to actually get stars to actually use your product. Social networking sites like Twitter are businesses themselves – they need to employ strategies in order to pump up cross platform deals and even increase net worth. But do you really need star power to make your business pop or should you create a useful service and the celebs will come to it later just like Twitter and MySpace?

Now, what is the implication of Oprah and Twitter to businesses? The need to understand and adopt technological changes is pressed on to traditional businesses. Not being to adopt changes may truly mean loosing substantial opportunities for sales, building brand identity, and gaining insights directly from consumers. Social networking sites like Twitter implores on the basic human need for belongingness and the sense of community. People who have never met are attracted to each other for the basic sense that they share something in common – whether of being an enthusiast of football, learning how to cook, and even of watching the same show. These are the basics of human relations.

So, what is Oprah really doing on Twitter? Is it really to show people her power in mobilizing people? Or, will she be racing against Ashton Kutcher to reach that 3 million mark? Nonetheless, we are all hearing some of those tweeting saying that Oprah might just help this site to get that needed number of registers in order to expand user base. But was Oprah really effective on that? Some of the critics express their doubt that Oprah is charming enough to actually entice other non-registered users to have a Twitter account just to see what she is actually doing or even who will join her on tonight’s show. I, mean, yeah, we get it. Oprah has been able to mobilize 1.5 million users to follow her on Twitter a month after she had joined. But, who are these people who had followed her on Twitter? These are the people with the exact profile which the site actually caters to. And to further hammer on this point, these are exactly women who are in their mid 20s to early 30s, who comes home without a child to care for, and who tweeter while at work. Don’t get me wrong here. All I’m trying to say is that Oprah didn’t really get much excitement and buzz to make the online social networking community to start tweeting.

Whatever is lacking in the picture is what we really don’t know. Some formula that is being used by Twitter is really not working at all. I’m sure Oprah would be using her membership in Twitter for some cause that would be for the common good. ‘Til that day comes, I wouldn’t really understand why Oprah had been tweeting.

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