The Sheila Files: NY Club Owner Mad at Beyonce, But She Never Signed a Contract.

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R&B mega diva Beyonce has been threatened with a $1 million lawsuit after backing out of a club appearance to promote her “I Am..” North America tour. M2 nightclub owner Joey Morrissey agreed to pay Beyonce $200K for the appearance. But a few days before Beyonce was scheduled to show up at the M2 nightclub she had her reps call can cancel the appearance/performance. But shame on him cause he never had a signed contract with Beyonce and thus wasted $100K. Talk about bitter!

Beyonce’s people offered a 1-hour non-performance but that was not what the M2 nightclub was expecting or happy with at all. “They said they were too busy with the launching of the tour and that they wouldn’t have time to do the kickoff party. We sold tables for thousands of dollars for the show, and spent $100,000 renting a soundboard and other equipment, as per their stipulations. What good does her showing up for an hour do me? They’ve been totally unwilling to agree to another show.”

But as we all know Beyonce doesn’t even get out of bed for less then $1 mil. So him having jumped the shark on this performance is totally his fault and not Beyonce. Next time get a contract or don’t promote a celebrity coming to your venue.

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