The Epic Fail of the 2009 BET Awards

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All eyes where on the 2009 BET Awards and the honoring of Michael Jackson. The worlds largest channel for African-American had the opportunity to make a big statement and show that they could put on a quality tribute with only 4 days to change the show. But outside of Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx and maybe Ciara the show was a complete and utter hot mess of the worst of African-American culture. Debra Lee’s inbox should be flooded with letters of disgust and Steven Hill should be waiting for a pink slip.

While I know BET is so suck on “we have to be young and show Lil’ Wayne every 2 seconds” someone should have stepped in and let Lil’ Wayne and his mad of misfits perform at another time. The show should have been a tribute to Michael Jackson from front to back. But the inclusion of Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Soulja Boy plus the terrible reenactment of “Baby Boy” took the show to a whole new level of Coon.

People wanted to see their favorite stars come out and pay tribute to the man and the music who helped share the industry that they are in today. But once again BET shows they are are years behind the curve. Even though the show scored it’s highest rating ever at a 5.8, what went on really left a bad taste in the mouth of many who watched the show. The Lil’ Wayne song was inappropriate and the 10 year old girls dancing around Drake while Lil’ Wayne was performing was so low class it made me turn my TV.

BET should issue an apology and so should Lil Wayne. BET then needs to do a full 2 hour tribute show to Michael Jackson with performances front to back and do it the right way with the respect and honor that Michael Jackson deserves.

  • LMAC522
    July 6, 2009

    I agree the show was a hot mess!! and we were very disappointed.

  • Jayson
    July 7, 2009

    Yea the show really did suck,and was the worst ever,but it is what it is R.I.P MJ

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