Have a Red Stripe In Support of Today’s Beer Summit

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I love President Obama and today he is participating in the Beer Summit with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, and Cambridge, Massachusetts Police Sargent James Crowley. Obama is going to have Bud Light and while Bud is good…I’m all about Red Stripe. Henry Louis Gates will have Red Stripe as his beer of choice while Crowley will have a Blue Moon.

Obama, Gates, and Crowley are all involved in a political fire storm of words. Crowley arrested Gates and Obama said that Crowley acted stupidly but later apologized. So in order to put the full miss understanding to rest and give the nation a “teachable moment” Obama invited all the parties involved to the White House to talk. I totally LOVE it and it really goes to show the full difference that Obama is bring to the position. He’s not afraid to confront issues head on.

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