Keshia Walker Speaks About ‘Event Planner Anthony’ From Real Housewives of Atlanta

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“Where’s Keshia?”….cause “Who’s gonna check me boo?”
If you are a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, you have now seen or
heard about the infamous fight on the premiere episode between Shereé
Whitfield, a key cast member of Bravo’s TV show, the Real Housewives
of Atlanta, and her party planner, Anthony.  Shereé, furiously asked
the incompetent Anthony, “Where’s Keshia?” following up with the
statement, “Keshia is the one with all the connections, honey!”
Shown briefly in the initial meeting scene with Anthony discussing
party details, Keshia Walker was introduced to viewers as ‘Party
Planner’.  Yes, Walker could be considered a party planner but she is
so much more.  Instead of asking “Where’s Keshia?,”  let’s start with
the question, Who is Keshia?
Keshia Walker is the founder and President of Insights Marketing, an
Atlanta based promotions, special events and marketing company.  The
11-year old agency has thrived in the events and sports industries
under Ms. Walker’s direction.   Over the past 11 years, Insights has
spearheaded trendsetting promotions and executed signature events for
over 75 clients in three different countries.  Some of Insights’ most
notable clients are Magic Johnson and his Magic Johnson Foundation,
The Coca-Cola Company, Procter & Gamble’s COVERGIRL, Anheuser-Busch
and Pepto Bismol brands, C.C. Sabathia of the NY Yankees, Marcus
Stroud of the Buffalo Bills, Orlando Hudson of the LA Dodgers, NBA
Great Alonzo Mourning and NBA Free Agent Allen Iverson.  During
Insights 11-year span, the agency has expanded into 27 markets across
the United States.
When asked about adding “TV Reality Show” to Insights’ portfolio,
Walker says that she was honored to participate. “A representative
from Bravo called and asked if I could help get Shereé’s party back on
track and give attention to the areas that were not being addressed by
Anthony.  I was happy to help and brought my team aboard to help
Shereé’s party get moving in the right direction. In a matter of days
Insights had sponsorships secured, logistics locked down, and the
hottest DJ in the city contracted for the party. Unfortunately, the
initial event planner didn’t hold down his end of the bargain which
led to chaos, as viewers saw, between him and Shereé.  I’m honored
that Shereé was able to separate our two businesses and noted that
Insights was the team with the connections!”, said Walker.
When the episode premiered last week, Walker suddenly found herself
fielding numerous Facebook and Twitter posts, text messages and phone
calls from various clients and friends around the country inquiring
about her relationship with Anthony and the customer service he
provided, which is a complete contrast to the superb client
relationships Insights is known for building and maintaining.  She has
even received a few prank calls where upon her answering the phone, a
voice asks ‘Where’s Keshia’ before hanging up. To answer the question
many people seem to be asking, Keshia is currently working on a nine
city “Around The Mound” Tour with Orlando Hudson of the LA Dodgers and
national events for clients at the conferences for well respected
professional organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus,
National Black MBA Association and the National Minority Supplier
Diversity Council.
By the way, where was Keshia during that incredible blow up between
Anthony and Shereé?  The answer is that she was curiously not informed
of the meeting by Anthony and had no knowledge of it.
For more information on Keshia Walker or Insights Marketing, please
call 404.872.9899 or visit

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