Talib Kweli 10 Twitter No No’s via @RealTalibKweli

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Rap superstar Talib Kweli posted to his Twitter account today some of
his “twitter no no’s.” Participation in social media is a great for
for celbs to get closer with their fan base. And we think Talib Kweli
provides some really great tips for keeping your Twitter followers
engaged and giving then just enough insight into your life without
over doing it. You can follow Taliub Kweli at
1. Never Overtweet
2. I will never say something on twitter I can’t say to your face.
Thats for the e goons
3. I will never jump into your convo without visiting your profile to
say what has been said, this makes you seem slow
4. I will never ask you to follow me. I’d rather direct you to my site
or ask u to follow someone I admire. No messiah complex here
5. Never repeat what someone wrote without the RT (retweet)
6. Never send a tweet to someone who is in the same room as you.
7. Never have someone else tweet for you. Thats missing the point
8. don’t be the twitter police. If I don’t like what you say I’ll ignore you.
9. Don’ twitter personal business esp. emotional stuff. twitter is not
your personal diary and you invite confusion into your life this way
10. Don’t Twitter other people’s business. Should go without saying.

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