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Read the full Andreas Hale vs piece here:

Hi Andreas Hale,

 Mike Street here and we wanted to wish you Congratulations on your
recent removal from You are joining an elite club of past
employees who have gone through the fire and been pushed to the limits
most of which you would not experience at any other company. Myself
worked at from 2000-2005 as the Dir. of Streaming Media. After
reading your rant about I must agree and CO-Sign everything
you have stated in your piece. could be one of the biggest and
greatest pop culture/urban websites on the market. But lack of vision
and leadership have been the total and complete downfall of
since day one.

 Many of us Ex-BET employees (or as we call ourselves the BETFree) have
gone on to much bigger and better things. It is extemely sad the way
that employees where treated, how great ideas where left on
the cutting room floor only to be picked up by MTV and done better. could be great but until the Cowin’s, Pickerums, Hills, and
others learn how to turn on the computer we will never see
come into its greatness.

 I wish you much success and congrats for removing the chain from your wrist.

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