Harlem’s Talay Restaurant is Dead. Pancho Gringo Rises.

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One of my favorite spots in Harlem, Talay Restaurant is dead. This
past Friday the owner of the hot spot did a make over of the menu and
totally changed the menu. The main chef of the location is no longer
there. The new name is now Pancho Gringo and the space is now all
about Mexican food. Now while I love Mexican food I will TRULY miss
the menu that once was at the restaurant formerly known as Talay. I
was in LOVE with just about everything they served. The Mexican food
is good however, we had a Quesadilla and it was very good even though
they totally got my order wrong. I ordered a Chorizo Quesadilla but
instead they brought me out a Chicken Quesadilla. But I tasted it and
it was pretty good so I decided to keep it. They seem to be still
trying to get it together as the service wasn’t on par as the many
times I’ve been there before. But hopefully this will work out. I know
I will miss this sexy hot spot in Harlem as the color change to the
space gives it a totally different feel and makes it feel more like a
cheesy Mexican spot instead of the sexy and posh spot that it once
was. I hope other spots in Harlem can keep it going as the service
quality in Harlem has gone down as of late.

  • wayne0281
    September 21, 2009

    I stoped by Talay this weekend and to my surprise it was Mexican, not just your regular Mexican Restaurant it was full of energy, vibrant colors, great vibe, fabulous Margaritas and the best Quesadillas and burritos Ive had in a long time. I wish the owners the best and I will definately recommend and become a regular. Welcome Pacho Gringo to Harlem we needed a good Mexican Spot.

  • greasyguide
    September 22, 2009

    You've probably havn't checked out the 10 or 11 other Mexican spots in Harlem who serve better food. I have I love Mexican but I liked Talay because it was sexy, classy, and most of all UNIQUE. Adding just another Mexican spot to Harlem mix won't make PG stand out from the crowd. The food at Talay was excellent and now all of my favorite dishes are gone.

  • Gwin
    October 19, 2009

    wayne0281 = obvious shill!

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