VIDEO: Tomorrow on Real Housewives of ATL….(previews)

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Tomorrow night, Shereé has the rare opportunity to have a portrait
done by a notable ATL artist, where he compares her look to that of a

 Trying to living up to that regal title, Sheree throws an
“Independence Party” where NeNe coners Kim and tells her she can’t
sell “Tardy for the Party” without her –  will another fight break

And Kim reveals that she is seeing “Big Poppa” yet again — will she
finally give him an ultimatum? :

Watch the drama unfold tomorrow Thursday September 24th @ 10/9c only

Painting a Queen

Selling the Song

Big Poppa Drama

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  • Sutten
    October 24, 2009

    This is for my favorite: Nene check this out Nene if it weren't you and Lisa this show would be another one of those white chick things. Just as those show go the white person will always throw the black person under the bus, especially after their dum ass done did something or said something stupid. Nene and Lisa check this you ladies keep those wholesome down to earth attitudes you have. Yes we're all human and shit happens, but do all some good stay true. I wasn't going to say this, but That fucking white trash Kim is mentially alot of things. And Nene, Kandi say she gives people the benefit of doubt. She sure didn't give it to you,

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