SAW VI – Lionsgate’s free iPhone app allows you to sound like Jigsaw!

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If it's Halloween, it must be SAW… and now, for the first time ever, SAW fans can SOUND like Jigsaw as well! Lionsgate wanted us to let you know that they’ve just released the Jigsaw Your Voice iPhone app into the iTunes store for FREE!
Features include — Long recording time (up to 60 seconds)… Jigsaw soundboard to hear classic lines from the film and practice… 4 Jigsaw presets to match your voice to Jigsaw's… Advanced settings for pitch, speed and tempo… Email your voice to friends…
Lionsgate also wants to let everyone know that in the upcoming upgrade of the iPhone app, there’ll be Queue management (store multiple voice recordings), an expanded gallery, and more!
Here's the iTunes url to download —

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