Thank God for Rehab

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While we love our celebrities there comes a time when they get a bit to messy and need to take some time off and recover. And whole we hate to see them go away sometimes it’s for the best. For example Whitney Houston’s recent confessions about her drug usage and time in drug rehab where really all for the best. Whitey was able to bounce back to her true form and hit with a number one album “I Turn To You.” Thankfully she turned away from the drugs, away from Bobby, and got her life back together. I’m hoping that a lot of celebs follow her example.

I’d love to see Lindsey Lohan get over whatever mess she has been doing. She just can’t seem to get her career back on track. After a few failed movie shouldn’t be take the hint and just go away for 2 years and then come back as a new and sober Lindsey ready to work. Mean Girls can’t be her only good movie. She is a pretty girl but she
has let the fame monster get into her soul to much. I would love to
see Lindsey on the next season of Dr. Drew and maybe he can finally get her fully together cause she needs to return to being the movie star that she is.

Amy Winehouse is another one that I need to get it together. Now that she is away from her ex-husband she seems to be doing a lot better. But there was a point when the drug usage was just scary. She looked like a walking skeleton and I was scared for her life. How could someone with such an amazing voice get so lost into drugs and boose. But I feel that her time away on a tropical island will help her center herself and get her music back to where it needs to be. We miss you Amy!

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