Halloween Costume Tutorial: How to be Lady Gaga

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Halloween is NEXT Saturday and if you are like me you haven’t even begin to put together a costume. Well don’t worry all week long we will be bring you our tutorials on how to be your favorite pop stars for less. In this tutorial I’ll give you some easy tips on how to transform yourself into Lady Gaga.

Creating your own Lady Gaga look is pretty easy and you probably have most of what you need in our own closet. Here is what you will need:

1. Blonde Wig
You can’t pull off the Lady Gaga look without having a blonde wig. Try to find a wig that’s cut decently and lays close to the face. This Wig here is from Ricky’s Halloween costume store and is about $19 but ask your girlfriends of they have a blond wig and you could save a bit of money on this cause you might just wear it once.

2. Lots of Make-Up is what you need to pull your Lady Gaga look together. Check out this AWESOME tutorial on how to re-create the Lady Gaga MTV VMA’s look.

3. A one piece is also key for pulling together your Lady Gaga look. She always seems to be in a one piece and this sexy number can be gotten from American Apparel for about $30.

4. Don’ think to much this beat is SICK! I wanna take a ride on your Disco Stick!
Lady Gaga’s Disco Stick is one of her iconic items in her stage performance. So to finish off your Lady Gaga look you need a Disco Stick. This is a pimp stick from Ricky’s and is only $6. This is perfect to complete your look and get you in the mood.

So to help pull it all together watch Lady Gaga’s “LoveGame” video and study her movements. Incorporate some of her style and mannerisms into your look and people will love your Halloween costume.

Lady GaGa – Love Game

Cyrus | MySpace Video

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