The Power of One – Harlem’s $1 Card Helps You Save

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This morning I attended a press conference all about the Power of One
campaign. For $1 you can get the Power of One card and save at Harlem
business like Tonni’s Mini’s.
Check out the video we shot this morning and read below for more info.

More on the Power of One card:

The Power of One is a bold, innovative economic action plan
spear-headed by like-minded independent Harlem business owners who
have come together to promote and support each other and their
community. Here’s how it works: Buy the Power of One card for $1.00
and receive discounts, VIP access, and other perks when you spend,
invest and play in Harlem. A University of Michigan study of urban
areas shows that spending just 10% of your income in your community
increases money circulation exponentially, in some cases by as much as
$140 million. Imagine what that could mean for Harlem! More jobs, more
businesses and a strong vibrant community.

The Power of One will encourage people to think about where their
money is going, and commit to spending a proportion of it locally.

In the last year 40% of local Harlem businesses have closed. When you
spend your money at a chain store, your money leaves the neighborhood,
but when you spend with a local business, the money is reinvested in
your community-where you work, live, go to school-creating pride of
place, economic strength, resilience and independence.

Here’s the challenge: Raise $1,000,000 over the next six months,
selling One Power of One card at a time.

Get your card now at

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