“Calling All Pastry Shoe Loving Girls!”

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Pastry Shoes is now partnering with new urban fashion and culture blogs to keep all our fav fashion forward urban shoe divas fully informed about everything cooking with Pastry!

Be sure to bookmark us on greasyguide.com so you never miss another update on the Darling Design Divas, Vanessa and Angela Simmons. Be the first to know what the First Sisters of Urban Shoe Style have mixed up in their super hot strategy studio for your Pastry pleasure.

The startling and simply sensational sisters Simmons have left no peppermint un-twisted in their quest to create fresh winter colors and designs. Vanessa and Angela Simmons, chief architects and designers of Pastry Shoes, have taken the best of the holidays and wrapped them all up into tidy little packages called urban shoes.

This season’s line of Pastry Shoes is well worth kicking up a fuss over! The Simmons Sisters are hip to the fact that fashion and comfort should not have to go their separate ways when Frosty comes to call. All urban shoe fans will be thrilled to find they can stay loyal to Pastry Shoes right through the below freezing days of winter, and still look too hot to handle!

Grab your ‘checking it twice’ list girls! Surely, there are some sweet girls in your life who deserve a pair of these extra fresh urban shoes from Pastry this season. And whether you have been naughty or nice, there must be someone in your life who can be persuaded to put a pair or two of these fresh styles under your tree. Make sure your personal Santa knows that Pastry Shoes never compromise on style, quality, or the fun and funky features that speak volumes about who you are when you wear them. That is what has made Pastry Shoes the urban shoe standard.

Urban shoes need to do more than just look good, they need to speak to a mindset, a heartbeat, and a rhythm that can only be felt if you really live it. No one buys into the urban life style. Either you are living it, or you are lying about it. Which are you? And which urban shoe brand are you wearing? Do your shoes speak urban or do they speak poser? Pastry Shoes are the real deal. They look it, and they speak that you are living it.

Pastry Shoes has something for everyone, and strives to offer hot styles at cool prices. We truly love and appreciate our Pastry Shoes fans! Vanessa and Angela Simmons offer their Pastry Shoes winter collection as a gift for you all to enjoy. Get busy choosing which ones you will buy to give and keep today!

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