Lindsay Lohan = A Mess

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Lindsay Lohan Muse by Yu Tsai from Юрий Кикало on Vimeo.

When will Lindsay her her shit together? She’s now trying to be the new factory girl. Watch the “Lindsay’s Private Party,” video tell me what you think. Is she really that tragic? We’d like to see her get back into the game but she just looks a mess.

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  • saitomi
    December 17, 2009

    I think you need to step back wayyy back and see what really happen to Lindsay.
    She's work with De Niro and Tarantino in new film.Photoshoot for elite fashion magazine like Muse not the like of GQ,maxim.Actually I'm kind of fugging jealous of her.
    Well…You and I should get our shiz together..right?

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