Official Footage from Dr. Dre and Diddy CES 2010 Press Conference

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This is an exclusive video that gives a front-and-center view of the
official first-look at the new Monster Cable and Beats by Dre
headphones and partnerships unveiled last week at CES in Las Vegas.
On deck are Dr. Dre, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jimmy Iovine and Head
Monster, Noel Lee:

The New High Definition Beats by Dre Solo HD Headphones (including the
limited edition (Product) Red version) are taking the Solo headphone
line to the next level and get a countdown from the fans on hand
before being shown.  Also, in an entirely new direction and focus,
Monster unveiled the new Beats Spin headphones, which are designed
specifically for artists, producers and DJs incorporating a
revolutionary “flip” ear-cup feature and interchangeable left and
right audio jack plugs on each ear-cup (shown in the video).

The video culminates with Diddy coming out and introducing his new
partnership with Monster and Beats by Dre, including the new Diddy
Beats in-ear headphones.  The Diddy Beats are stylistically designed
to represent Diddy using three colors: white, black, and a powder
pink.  Diddy shows off all three colors and hypes the crowd before
showing love to Dr. Dre.

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