Letter to the People of Haiti from Mendia Street-Council

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This is my 12 year old God-Daughter Mendia’s letter to the people of
Haiti. She has donated 10.00 in support of the charity efforts for the
survivors of the earthquake. Show your support of Haiti and text HAITI
to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross.


To the people of Haiti
I am so sorry about your pain, the injuries of your love ones,the lost
of your beautiful land. I  know it must be hard  to be without food,
no water to drink ,and no safe place to lay your head. But you must
have faith. You are not alone,we are helping you and caring about you.
 Many school students like myself are joining together to help in
everyway we can. So keep praying because you are in our prayers. I
wish you well because you all are in our hearts. Wish you well Haiti.

Mendia Street-Council

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