Top 10 Reasons We Don’t Want an Apple Tablet

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The interwebs and Apple fanboys have been all buzz about the mystical
end all be all tablet that Apple would release. For years Apple fans
have cried out that they want a tablet from Apple that could do
everything and be everything and replace laptops. Well with the
popularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch and Applie being worth some
$50 Billion bucks now is the time for a new product. Tomorrow Steve
Jobs is slated to release the iSlate/iPad tablet Apple computer and it
stated to have the sickest UI we’ve ever seen.

But do we really want a table? Here is my list and reason’s why I’m
not rushing out to buy an Apple Tablet.

1. Over-Hyped – There has been to much talk about this product and
rushing out to get it in it’s first generation will just make you look
like a herb.

2. Over-Priced – This thing better be $400 at best…with all the
netbooks and other gadgets out there a $1000 tablet will not turn my

3. iPhone/iPod Touch – The iPhone/iPod Touch is the PERFECT device. It
fits in my pocket and can be with me everywhere I go. This tablet
looks big as hell and I don’t think it will be able to slide down in
my pocket. #fail

4. Bejeweled – Ummm…how do I play Bejeweled on this big ass screen?
It’s faster to play an the iPhone…AWESOME.

5. Books – We have to kick it old school and keep real books alive.

6. My Neck – So neck has to be bent over to look at this screen and
play stuff? Ummm…no thanks.

7. Always Connected? – If it’s not always connected then why
bother…but I really don’t need another wireless bill. My phone bill
is a monster.

8. Android – I really do love the DROID phone from Verizon it’s the
best gadget I’ve played with in a long time and the camera is SICK!

9. Too Niche – The iSlate will be to niche of a product cause people
are looking for cost savings and the most bang for their buck and an
over sized iPhone just won’t cut it.

10. Flash – Will this run flash?

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