Kevin Powell’s Statement on the passing of Dorothy Height

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I am deeply saddened by the passing of Civil Rights Movement pioneer
and legend Dorothy Height. America is a greater nation because she
walked and worked this land for 98 long years. Without question, Ms.
Height was one of the most amazing leaders, male or female, this
nation has ever seen. Ms. Height impacted many lives, and fought not
only racism, but also sexism, and she was a tireless voice for the
underserved in America.

I had an opportunity, on quite a few occasions, to either be on the
same program as Ms. Height, or in the same space as her, and she
always carried herself with a high level of humility, grace, and
class, and was always talking about the people, how to organize the
people. I am clear that leaders of my generation owe a great debt to
Ms. Height. And that the best way to honor her is to continue to do
the work, and to continue follow her shining example.

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