Album Sales Plummet To Lowest Total In Decades. Can Drake Save the Music Industry?

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“For the week ending May 30, the U.S. music industry sold a total of
4,984,000 albums, according to Nielsen Soundscan. This figure, which
includes new and catalog releases, represents the fewest number of
albums sold in one week since Soundscan began compiling this data in

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With the release of Drake’s “Thank Me Later” do you think he can help
boost sales or is the music industry DONE?

I think the music industry killed itself by not focuses on technology
and helping to fine new real artist to help move the music forward.
I’m not buying Drake’s album…everyone on Twitter downloaded it but
I’m not a fan of his music. So until the msuic industry gets it’s act
together we will see album sales dip even lower.

(Thanks Diego for sending this in)

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