Rémy Martin Goes Clear with the launch of Rémy Martin V

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Looks like Rémy Martin is going directly after the Vodka market with
the launch of Rémy Martin V, the first clear spirit from the House of
Rémy Martin.

Here is more on this new product:

The Process—it Begins Life like a Cognac

Grapes are harvested in the fall from the finest Rémy Martin crus in
the region of Cognac. Grapes are then double distilled on the lees in
small copper pot stills by the Master Distiller according to the same
proprietary process of Cognac. Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet then
blends these strictly selected eaux-de-vie (a French expression
meaning “water of life”) to reveal its unique aromatic intensity and
flavors. Unlike Cognac’s final step of aging in oak barrels, Rémy
Martin V is filtered right away using a process that chills the spirit
to -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit)—ensuring its
transparency, smoothness and clean taste. This ice-cold filtration
process takes place throughout the winter.

So what do you think of Rémy Martin V?

For more info visit Remy Martin V on Facebook

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